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Daucus carota | Pink Queen Annes Lace | Birds Nest | 50_Seeds


This is Daucus carota Pink, also known as Wild Carrot, Pink Queen Annes Lace, birds nest, and bishops lace. These seeds were collected from the Queen Annes Lace plants that stayed pink until they went to seed. That is no guarantee that these seeds will grow plants that are pink, but some of the plants should be pink and others white. Only harvest the pink seeds and then plant them and continue the process. After this plant matures it has a tiny purplish black and red single floweret in the center of the top umbrella. Bishops lace grows to 2 or 3 feet high and likes to live in full sun and partial shade. Daucus carota is the larval host plant for the Purple Carrot-seed Moth, and the Common Ringlet, and Black Swallowtail butterflies. Many insects gather nectar and eat at this plant including the Juniper Hairstreak butterfly, and the Yellow-collared Scape, Ctenucha multifaria, Spotted Thyris, and Common Spragueia Moths. This biennial will survive the Winter outside in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 9

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Daucus carota | Pink Queen Annes Lace | Birds Nest | 50_Seeds
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