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Passiflora rubra Linnaeus | dutchmans laudanum | 20_Seeds


Here, I am offering seeds from Passiflora rubra, also known as dutchmans laudanum. In 1753 this plant was named by one of the most famous botanists of all time. Carl Linnaeus was a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist. He laid out the system that defines our modern biological naming scheme. Many people today refer to him as the father of modern taxonomy, and he is also thought of as one of the fathers of modern ecology. This vine likes to live in either full sun or partial shade and blooms from late Spring until the middle of the Fall. This is a host plant for the Zebra Long Wing, Zebra Heliconian, Julia Heliconian, Isabellas Heliconian, Banded Orange Heliconian, Mexican Fritillary, Scarce Bamboo Page, Erato Heliconian, Variegated Fritillary, and Gulf Fritillary butterflies. It is also a larval host plant for the Plebeian sphinx Moth. USDA Hardiness Zones 9 to 10

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Passiflora rubra Linnaeus | dutchmans laudanum | 20_Seeds
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