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Hibiscus cannabinus Ruby Red | 10_Seeds

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These seeds were collected from Hibiscus cannabinus Ruby Red. These plants like to live in full sun to partial shade where they can get up to 12 feet high. The brilliant deep red blossoms are on display from late summer until early winter and bring a bunch of different birds, bees, and butterflies. Young leaves can be cooked and eaten and are normally used in soups. The seeds can be roasted and eaten, used to abstract edible oil, or ground up into a flour. The roots can be cooked and eaten but they don't have much flavor. The stems are used to collect fiber and pulp used in making paper. Hibiscus plants in general are a nectar source for the Cloudless Sulphur, Orbed Sulphur, Disguised Scrub-Hairstreak, Yojoa Scrub-Hairstreak, Dukes Skipper, Large Orange Sulphur, White Angled-Sulphur, Yellow Angled-Sulphur, and Monk butterflies, and larval hosts for the Bumelia Webworm and Pearly Wood-nymph moths, and the Cloudless Sulphur butterfly. This annual can be grown in any USDA Hardiness Zone.

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