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Schizachyrium scoparium | Little Bluestem | Bunchgrass | 1000_Seeds

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This is Schizachyrium scoparium, also known as Little Bluestem and Bunchgrass. This grass not only attracts butterflies, but it is very ornamental and changes color from a bluish green sprouts in the Spring to mahogany shoots in the Fall and throughout most of the Winter. The fuzzy white seeds are very important to small birds who count on this food to make it through the Winter. Caterpillars from the skipper butterfly live in the tube tents above the base of the clumps. This grass must grow in the full sun and the deer will not eat this. This is the larval host plant for the Ottoe Skipper, Indian Skipper, Crossline Skipper, Dusted Skipper, Leonards Skipper, Dakota Skipper, Cobweb Skipper, and Meskes Skipper or Dixie Skipper butterflies. USDA Hardiness Zones 4 to 9

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Hey! Check out our new Shopify site @