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Bauhinia variegata | Kachnar | Mountain ebony | 5_Seeds

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This is Bauhinia variegata, also known as orchid tree, camels foot tree, kachnar, and mountain-ebony. Growing to about 40 feet tall, this tree has some of the most beautiful pink, purple, and white blossoms known to mankind. These blossoms are on display from late Summer until early Fall. These highly fragrant flowers are sometimes used as a flavoring in south Asian, Pakistani, and Indian cuisine. This is an excellent tree for attracting several different types of hummingbirds as well as bees and butterflies. In colder climates this tree is grown indoors. The flowers, young shoots, and roots can be pickled or boiled and eaten as a vegetable. This is a larval host plant for the Gold-spotted Aguna butterfly. The wood from this tree is widely used in construction and as an ornamental tree. The bark is a good source of tannins and can be used to make dye. USDA Hardiness Zones 8 to 11.

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Hey! Check out our new Shopify site @